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Orchids of the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes region is a melting pot for orchids and many of the over 50 species of orchids that grow here also appear in the mountains to the west, New England, and the cool Appalachian uplands.
This month we explore the orchids of the Great Lakes region with Dale Fitch who quickly developed a passion for these wildflower aristocrats. This inspired a 12-year quest for Dale and his wife, Ruth- locate and photograph all of Michigan’s native orchids. Here are just a few of the treasures they found.

Hal Horwitz July 6, 2015

Hal Horwitz, PhotographerWe are saddened by the news of the passing of our friend and colleague Hal Horwitz.

Hal and his wife, Helen, enjoyed a rich and active life, sharing their passion for orchids as they travelled from Florida to Newfoundland to Alaska capturing their beauty on film.

Hal was an early champion of NAOCC and supported our efforts in many meaningful ways. He was instrumental in creating opportunities for us to tell the NAOCC story and established many of the contacts that continue to support our conservation efforts on the web. Our initial Gallery featured his photography and his images form the banner on the opening page of the NAOCC site. The stunning Yellow Lady’s Slipper, an image Hal was especially proud of, has become synonymous with the Go Orchids web site. Hal envisioned a field guide on native orchids and was working with us to develop the guide as a companion to Go Orchids. We intend to honor his dream and complete this mission.

Hal freely shared his knowledge, taught many, and worked with many others to capture the essence of native plants, especially orchids.

We will miss his passion for life, and extend our condolences to his family and friends. You can read about his life and family here: